The wisdom of cloud crowds
Photos of a strange wave-like cloud formation captured by people around the world prompt the Cloud Appreciation Society to petition for the cloud's inclusion in the next edition of the International Cloud Atlas. [Death & Taxes]

A change of scenery
A new study finds that poor families who move to new neighborhoods are healthier and happier than those who stay put. [TIME]

Residents of a city in Zimbabwe simultaneously flush their toilets at exactly 7:30 p.m. three days in a row to clear their city of waste that has accumulated in sanitary facilities after outages. [GlobalPost]


Misguided rescue efforts
Locals in northern Turkey spot a woman's body floating in the Black Sea and call in an emergency team of divers, who discover that the "woman" was actually a blow-up sex doll. [Newser]

Inconvenient naps
An Oregon man is arrested after he falls asleep on the kitchen floor of the house he was allegedly robbing in the wee hours of the morning. [New York]

Happiness in the Garden State
A new law in New Jersey prohibits people from smiling in their driver's license photos, in an attempt to make use of new facial recognition software. [VICE]

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