Profiting off global warming
As the Arctic ice caps continue to melt at an alarming rate, countries start competing to mine the resources believed to be locked up in the newly-visible land. [Gawker]

Striking something better than gold
Russia declassifies the existence of one of the richest diamond fields in existence, a Siberian cache that may hold up to $1 quadrillion in diamonds. [Tecca]

Big-city living
A new study finds that rural residents are twice as likely as city-dwellers to get Alzheimer's. [Huffington Post]


Big-city living
A college student strolling through New York is knocked unconscious by a futon mattress thrown from 30 stories up. [Gothamist]

A Kentucky man is charged with riding under the influence... while traveling by horse. [Death & Taxes]

Failed cover-ups
A nuclear submarine commander fakes his own death to end an affair with his pregnant mistress, who quickly realizes that his emailed death notification is not legitimate. [Newser]

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