Tense reunions
Fox News pundit Bill O'Reilly and Daily Show host Jon Stewart announce that they will go head to head — again — and debate each other next month. [The Daily What]

Wealthy stargazers
The fourth-largest chunk of moon rock on Earth is expected to fetch up to $380,000 at auction. [Tecca]

Recycling your stale cupcakes
Researchers in Hong Kong team up with Starbucks to treat day-old pastries in a bio-refinery in order to turn them into bio-plastics or detergents. [Geekosystem]


Blaming bad vibes
A New York Asian-fusion restaurant cancels a gay couple's rehearsal dinner, claiming that same-sex wedding parties are "bad for feng shui." [Jezebel]

McRib addicts
A leaked McDonald's memo suggests that the restructured pork sandwich Americans go nuts for every fall may not return until the second half of December. [Consumerist]

Leaving your sweater at home
A new study finds that employees working in offices with temperatures below 68 degrees make 44 percent more errors than those who work in offices without oppressively cold central air. [The Billfold]

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