Futuristic solutions
A bald eagle whose beak was obliterated by a poacher survives thanks to a group of engineers who use a 3D printer to craft him a new one. [Death & Taxes]

Civil disobedience
The University of California, Davis announces that the students who were infamously doused in pepper spray while supporting the Occupy movement will receive an undisclosed amount in damages to "move forward." [Los Angeles Times]

Proof of Apple's power
The iPhone 5 sells out in pre-orders a mere hour after it's put on sale, breaking previous iPhone sales records. [Business Insider]


Royal privacy
A French tabloid publishes blurry photos of a topless Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, taken while she was vacationing at a private French chateau. [HyperVocal]

Pinching pennies
The Royal Canadian Mint tells a folk singer he must pay for using a photo of pennies on his album cover. [Newser]

Getting duty-free for free
A group of truck drivers employed by Sky Chef, American Airlines' catering company, allegedly skims more than 100,000 mini bottles of liquor and sells them on the black market. [Gothamist]

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