Cashing in
Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor whose abuse went viral, collects her $700,000 check made up of donations from over 30,000 people. She plans to donate a hefty portion of the sum to charity. [Death & Taxes]

Sticking it to the man
A man pays his parking ticket with 137 dollar bills he crafted into individual origami pigs. [HyperVocal]

Tech sleuthing
A man uses GPS technology and his own ingenuity to track down his stolen laptop, and busts a drug ring in the process. [Tecca]


Dreams of digital reunion tours
The company that created the controversial 2Pac hologram files for bankruptcy. [Geekosystem]

Putting primates in your pants
A man is caught in a New Delhi airport trying to smuggle a small Loris monkey to Dubai in his pants. [Discovery News]

Substantive arguments
A high school math teacher on strike in Chicago attacks Mayor Rahm Emanuel's character by claiming that Emanuel is a fan of the much-mocked bands Nickelback and Creed. [Gawker]

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