Pounding the pavement
A South Carolina man spends a week walking around with a sign that says "NEED KIDNEY 4 WIFE," and collects six pages worth of names of strangers willing to be tested for a match. [The Daily What]

Aping MacGyver
Ingenious astronauts aboard the International Space Station fix a key power system... with a toothbrush. [Discovery News]

The future of robo-lympians
DARPA's retooled Cheetah robot shatters Usain Bolt's land speed record of 27.9 miles per hour. [Geekosystem]


Breakfast purists
Taco Bell introduces a stomach-churning breakfast drink that combines Mountain Dew and orange juice. [Death & Taxes]

Dropping trou
A disgruntled investment banker is fired for allegedly mooning his boss... and loses a $2 million partner buyout as a result. [Huffington Post]

Pranking the TSA
A man is removed from his flight after his buddy allegedly calls in a fake threat in order to "prank" the passenger on his 29th birthday. [Consumerist]

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