Getting off easy
When the Chicago Public Library announces that it will overlook all overdue fines for a short period, a woman finds the courage to return a valuable copy of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray that her mother borrowed 78 years ago. [Consumerist]

Finding a piece of tail
A group of Belgian cat adoption agencies sets up Catroulette, a website based on Chatroullette, that allows users to skip through videos of cats and kittens until they find one to adopt. [The Daily What]

Turning injury into art
After a kid breaks his leg, his creative mom transforms the cast into a replica of his Adidas sneakers. [HyperVocal]


Your arteries
Baskin Robbins introduces Waffle Chip Dippers, a "nacho-like" frozen treat featuring a "dip" of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and M&M's served with waffle and brownie "chips" for dipping. [Gawker]

Those who love both space and trees
To transport the 78-foot-wide Endeavor Shuttle though Los Angeles streets to its final resting spot in a museum, authorities must chop down 400 mature trees. [TIME]

Art direction
The cover of Orange County's Where magazine goes viral after a designer positions a model's head so it partially obscures the letter "e," inadvertently making the publication's title read as Whore. [Jezebel]

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