Penning takedowns
Women enraged over Bic's sexist "For Her" pens mock the company by flooding the product's Amazon listing with sardonic reviews. [Business Insider]

Landscape photographers
Researchers declare that this year's drought will likely make for extra colorful fall foliage in the Northeast, as low levels of rain lead to an early retreat of chlorophyll, which turns leaves green. [Discovery News]

Defiling the instrument that incarcerated you
A New Zealand man taken into custody for failing a breathalyzer test allegedly urinates into a box of breath screening tubes at the police station. [Huffington Post]


Scientists warn that if we want to conserve water and satisfactorily feed the world's increasing population, we will have to drastically cut our consumption of "animal-based products" by 2050. [Newser]

Youthful indiscretions
A new study finds that teenagers who regularly smoke marijuana before the age of 18 experience a small but significant drop in IQ. [HyperVocal]

Proving that Bigfoot lives
A Montana man who dressed as Bigfoot to stage a Sasquatch sighting is struck and killed by a car on the freeway. [Death & Taxes]

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