Feline resilience
A 3-month-old kitten survives a 6,500-mile journey from Shanghai to Los Angeles in a shipping container without food or water. [MSNBC]

Diving for treasure
Deep-sea explorers discover 48 tons of silver treasure from a sunken British cargo ship three miles below the surface of the North Atlantic. The haul may be the largest precious metal discovery in history. [Discovery News]

The social vote
Washington is poised to become the first state to allow citizens to register to vote via Facebook. [The Daily Dot]


Otters' cuddly reputation
A Minnesota woman is attacked and bitten repeatedly by an otter while swimming in a pond as part of her triathlon training. [Newser]

The well-endowed
A man famous for his unusually large penis causes security concerns at an airport after TSA agents suspect him of "having something in his pocket." [Consumerist]

Covering your digital tracks
A Burger King employee in Ohio who took a photo of his sneakered feet in lettuce containers and then posted it online is fired after hacking collective Anonymous tracks him down and alerts his employer. [Death & Taxes

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