A Colbert Nation education
The Colbert Report's popularity sparks the creation of an array of courses at universities around the country about the art of fake news and satire. [Newser]

An Ohio man finds a rare collection of 1910 baseball cards worth $3 million while cleaning out his attic. [Consumerist]

Arrested Development developments
Actor Jason Bateman announces via Twitter that the beloved cult show will begin filming new Netflix-only episodes in four weeks. [New York]


Strange requests
A North Carolina man is taken into custody after he barricades himself inside a hotel room and demands pizza... and the hand of Paris Hilton in marriage. [TIME]

Ill-advised outsourcing
The U.S. Olympic team's opening ceremony uniforms were allegedly made in China. [Daily News]

Partying too hard
Drunken hooligans damage three irreplaceable dinosaur fossils that had been discovered by scientists in Canada. [Business Insider]

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