Life after Potter
J.K. Rowling unveils the cover of her first post-Harry-Potter novel for adults, The Casual Vacancy, which will be released September 27. [New York]

Aging beautifully
Amid ongoing criticism for its use of alarmingly young and scantily-clad models, American Apparel fires back with beautiful photos of its oldest model yet. [BuzzFeed]

Natural cross-promotion
A rare lizard that bears the same red-and-blue coloring as Spiderman is discovered in Kenya. [HyperVocal]


Some cat owners
A new study suggests that a parasite found in cat feces is linked to an increased likelihood of suicide in pet owners. [Death & Taxes]

Thinking before tweeting
A twitter account called @NeedADebitCard retweets photos of people's debit cards that users were dumb enough to post publicly. [The Daily Dot]

Trusting your friends
Twenty-five percent of female Facebook users admit to posting unflattering photos of friends on Facebook on purpose, according to a new survey. [Gawker]

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