Blue Ivy
A Croatian town grants honorary citizenship to Jay-Z and Beyonce's world-famous daughter, who is supposedly named after a blue-ivy-covered tree that the power couple spotted while vacationing there. [TIME

The kindness of strangers
Did you hear about the New York City baby who was blown by a gust of wind onto the subway tracks? Turns out the baby's savior is an unemployed man who missed his job interview by taking time to be heroic. [New York]

The coming of the singularity
Japanese researchers create a robot that is undefeated at "Rock, Paper, Scissors." [HyperVocal]


Warding off vampires
Cops in Austria nab Romanians who allegedly tried to leave the country with 9.5 tons of stolen garlic worth $37,500. [Newser]

A new study finds that women who are afraid to give birth are more likely to experience longer labors. [Jezebel]

Taking the plunge
An entire wedding party falls into a Michigan lake when the dock they are standing on during a photo session collapses. [The Daily What]

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