Speed demons
A Canadian man sets a new Guinness world record for downhill skateboarding when he reaches a speed of 80 mph. [Discovery News]

Hillary's unpredictability factor
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton adds a twist to a colleague's swearing-in ceremony by wearing green and purple cat eye sunglasses. [New York

With a simple wave of a portable "sanitizing wand" that uses new light technology, consumers can now easily kill bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces. [The Frisky]


Whoever was supposed to be watching the door
A manhunt is underway for a thief who casually strolled out of a New York City gallery with a $150,000 Dali painting. [Death & Taxes]

Going for a dip
An unbalanced mix of chemicals in an Indiana public pool create toxic fumes, sickening at least 80 swimmers. [Newser]

A British school is forced to apologize after asking its students to pretend they're dying and write "farewell letters" to loved ones. [Gawker]

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