Implausible sportsmanship
A selfless high school runner heroically carries her opponent to the finish line — making sure the injured runner crosses first — after she falls a mere 50 meters before completing the race. [The Stir]

Skin-baring protests
New York high school students, irate over their private school's dress code prohibiting bare shoulders and short skirts, strike back with a "Slutty Wednesday" protest. [Gothamist]

Modern-day measuring sticks
A new analysis finds that the Great Wall of China is twice as long as originally thought. [Geekosystem]


Looking the part
A 15-year-old Florida girl dressed as Tinkerbell is barred from entering a Disney theme park because her costume too closely resembles those of the employees inside. [Videogum]

Messing with The Donald
Donald Trump, who co-owns the Miss America Pageant, sues Miss Pennsylvania after she drops out of the contest, claiming she has proof that the pageant is rigged. [The Daily]

Restful nights
A man accused of attempting to rob a woman at knife point in a Connecticut casino insists he was sleepwalking during the incident. [Newser]

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