Cleaning up
Rio de Janeiro closes Brazil's largest landfill, planning to turn the 244-football-field-sized area into a park. [Discovery News]

Not holding back
A disappointed supporter slaps Milwaukee Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett after he concedes to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election. [Opposing Views]

Safe Garden State road trips
New Jersey becomes the first state to start fining drivers ($250 to $1,000) for letting their pets run loose in the car. [Gothamist]


Justifying your Pulitzer
The Huffington Post discreetly launches a page dedicated entirely to shots of celebrity "sideboob." [BuzzFeed]

Asian expansions
Game-maker Zynga is hit with charges of racism after unveiling an Asia-themed add-on pack for the hit game FarmVille, featuring "exotic" scenes with pandas, dragons, and rice paddies. [New York

Tone-deaf reality TV shows
Spike TV teases the premiere of World's Worst Tenants, a new reality show that portrays tenants facing eviction as bad guys, and the evictors as heroes. [Death & Taxes]

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