Working moms
One of Australia's biggest companies doubles new mothers' paychecks for their first six weeks back on the job after giving birth. [Jezebel]

Looking up in the capital
NASA's oldest space shuttle, Discovery, delights Washingtonians by becoming the first of three retired shuttles to be flown to and displayed at the Smithsonian. [New Scientist]

Posthumous career prospects
A rapping hologram of the late Tupac Shakur may join flesh-and-blood rappers Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre on tour. [The Wall Street Journal]


Canvassing at the zoo
GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is bitten by a small penguin on a visit to the St. Louis Zoo. [Death & Taxes]

Avoiding costly fumbles
The crystal football Alabama won for beating LSU in the BCS championship game shatters after a player's father accidentally knocks it from a display case. [Opposing Views]

Collegiality at 30 Rock
NBC execs anonymously bash high-profile hire Chelsea Clinton, and say she can't succeed until she opens up on camera about Monica Lewinsky. [BuzzFeed

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