Banking security
A Japanese bank announces it is installing automated cash machines that work by reading customers' palms. [Discovery News]

The Huffington Post
The site wins its first Pulitzer Prize, beating out the Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal for distinguished national reporting. [Huffington Post] 

The Kenyan community
Kenyan runners take first place in both the male and female divisions of the Boston Marathon [Reuters]


Common courtesy
A controversial new New York City subway ad tells Big Apple commuters not to give up their seats to a Red Sox fan, even if she is pregnant. [BuzzFeed]

Researchers cite the popularity of video chatting as a possible explanation for a 71 percent rise in chin implant procedures performed in 2011 over 2010. [Jezebel]

Unruly football fans
The NFL announces that fans kicked out of games for rowdiness will be required to attend counseling and take a code-of-conduct exam before being allowed back in. [The Daily What

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