Giggling tweeps
Comedian Dave Chappelle joins Twitter, gathering more than 100,000 followers in less than 24 hours. [BuzzFeed]

Shipwreck enthusiasts
National Geographic releases the highest resolution photos ever taken of the Titanic wreck. [The Daily]

Unintended consequences
Ohio Art Company, which makes Etch A Sketch, sees its stock price triple after Mitt Romney's aide infamously likens his candidate to the easily-erasable toy. [Politico]


Affordable educations
A new report finds that America's total student loan debt has passed $1 trillion, making it 16 percent higher than previously estimated. [Newser]

John Edwards
A New York call girl alleges that she was paid by a "millionaire madam" to have sex with the fallen Democrat during his failed campaign for the presidency. Edwards denies her claim. [DNAinfo]

New York pride
Bagel enthusiasts in the Big Apple are infuriated when Consumer Reports suggests that the best bagels might not come from New York, but from your supermarket's frozen-foods section. [Business Insider]

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