Job hunters with impressive Facebook pages
Research suggests that Facebook profiles are better than IQ at indicating a person's potential job performance. [Business Insider]

Computer-game addicts
A high-tech eyewear manufacturer comes out with a line of computer-gaming glasses that the prevent the eye strain overzealous players can suffer. [Discovery News]

Eye contact
An English couple spends $13,000 on plastic surgery for their bloodhound (including a doggy facelift) to save him from blindness. [Huffington Post]


Making amends
The Georgetown University law student whom Limbaugh recently called a "slut" rejects his apology, as do at least nine of the conservative radio host's advertisers. [The Daily What

Death-defying stunts
A Sri Lankan man trying to set the record for the longest time spent buried alive dies before being unearthed. [Newser]

The hirsute
A new study shows that women prefer clean-shaven men to their bearded brethren. [Daily Mail]

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