Gay marriage
The New York City clerk's office says the legalization of same-sex marriage has created a six-figure windfall for the local marriage bureau. [New York Post]

Growing up
J.K. Rowling announces that she will release a novel for adults, promising that it "will be very different from the Harry Potter series." [The Daily What]

Liquid assets
Along with expensive jewelry and art, some U.S. pawnshops begin accepting wine as collateral for loans. [Reuters]


The Left Coast
A new poll finds that California is America's least-favorite state. Illinois and New Jersey had the dishonor of being runners-up, while Hawaii topped the most-popular ranks. [Newser]

A contestant on The Bachelor is caught plagiarizing a speech originally made by Carrie Bradshaw on HBO's Sex and the City. [The Frisky]

T-shirt opinions
A woman in Madrid is fined 1,000 euros and gets eight days of house arrest after posting pictures of herself on Facebook wearing a shirt saying, "My ex-husband is an asshole." [Huffington Post]

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