Jamie Oliver
The celebrity chef discovers hidden treasures worth $1.8 million while renovating the basement of his new restaurant in Manchester, England. The loot includes rare master tapes by the bands Joy Division and New Order. [Death & Taxes]

Jeremy Lin fanatics
Nike releases preview images of an upcoming shoe dedicated to the New York Knicks' surprise superstar. [Opposing Views]

Obama's reelection chances
A new Gallup index says Americans rated their own well-being higher in January of 2012 than in any month since early 2010. []


San Diego police engage in a two-hour armed standoff with a roadside vehicle before realizing the car was empty. [Huffington Post]

Shameless self-promotion
Bristol Palin is caught using Craigslist to beg people to attend her Washington, D.C., book signing. [Newser]

The power of love
Over 15,000 residents in Southern California recover from a power outage caused by a wayward Valentine's Day balloon. [The Daily What]

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