The portable gaming throne is up for grabs, and initial reviews for Sony's new handheld flagship are in. The new PlayStation Vita, the successor to Sony's disappointing 2009 release of the PSP Go, features a stunning 5-inch OLED touchscreen, snappy quadcore processors, and graphics that rival a full-fledged console's. But with a starting price of $250 for standard Wi-Fi access, should gamers consider ponying up for a dedicated gaming machine when Angry Birds is already out there? 

The Vita is the real deal: With its "souped-up" processors and "dazzling PlayStation 3-like graphics," the PS Vita is aimed to please even serious gamers, says Matt Peckham at TIME. The device's short battery life is a "trifle disappointing," but it has both a big, "gorgeous" touchscreen and two raised, thumb-controlled joysticks, offering an "authentic console-style experience" you just can't get on an iPhone. Consider the PlayStation Vita Sony's "defiant stand against the rising tide of all-in-one smartphones and tablets." It's expensive, yes, but worth the price tag.
"Sony PlayStation Vita review: Beautiful, expensive and worth it"

Don't waste your money: The Vita is easily "the best and most capable portable gaming system of all time," says Sam Biddle at Gizmodo, but its lack of basic features like e-mail makes the machine feel "strangely antique" next to other shiny new devices. "It's a wonderful looking eye-ride clad in great armor, but everything non-essential about the Vita feels so very non-essential." Unless you're truly a "devout gamer," why tote a pocketable gaming system around when you already have a smartphone and a PlayStation 3 at home?
"PlayStation Vita review: You don't need another beautiful smart gadget"

It's an "exciting" new offering: The question of whether the machine is a "relic or revolution" is perfectly valid, but the naysayers are missing a key point, says the Sixthaxis: "The PS Vita is about choices." It possesses a touchscreen and tilt controls that appeal to casual gamers, and dedicated control sticks and shoulder-mounted trigger buttons for more hardcore players. With the impressive hardware, which is almost "universally acknowledged," coupled with the freedom a handheld offers, this is "one of the most exciting console launches in a very long time."
"PS Vita: Relic or revolution?"