Healthier Happy Meals?
McDonald's removes a processed-food ingredient called ammonia hydroxide from its burger patties following pressure from TV chef Jamie Oliver, who dubbed the substance "pink slime." [Opposing Views]

A Florida woman survives being repeatedly stabbed in the chest after her new breast implants blocked the knife from piercing her heart. [Daily Mail]

Swift action
A 17-year-old high-school student saves a school bus full of kids by taking the wheel after the driver suffered a heart attack. [Newser]


Beating the super-bug
Researchers discover a type of bacteria off the Antarctic coast that can resist nearly all antibiotics. [New Scientist]

Owning an iPad
A new study says using a tablet strains one's neck muscles far more than using a laptop or desktop computer does. [Los Angeles Times]

Escapist luxury
Reports spread that bed bugs have been discovered in New York City's Ritz-Carlton Hotel. A room in the elite hotel runs anywhere from $695 to $4,500 a night. [Huffington Post]

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