Overdue corrections
New York City utility workers correct a misspelled sign, changing it from "shcool" to "school." The embarrassing mistake had been in place since July, 2010. [Huffington Post]

High-profile heroism
The same Navy Seal unit that killed Osama bin Laden rescues two aide workers who had been held hostage in Somalia since October. [The Daily What]

Couch potatoes
A new iPhone app called Viggle rewards TV viewers for watching as many shows as possible. Viewers who collect enough points earn a $5 gift card redeemable at participating retailers. [Daily Mail]


Never forgetting
A survey reveals that one-fifth of Germans aged 18 to 30 do not know the name of the most notorious Nazi concentration camp (Auschwitz) or what happened there. [Daily Mail]

Traditional romance
For $10, perversely sentimental Valentines can procure the right to name one of the Bronx Zoo's Madagascar hissing cockroaches after their lovers. [Gothamist]

Frequent fliers
Citibank asks customers to report the bonus miles they earn from its ThankYou rewards program on their taxes. It remains to be seen whether the IRS also considers frequent flyer miles taxable income. [Los Angeles Times]

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