Thirsty Russian soccer fans
As the 2018 World Cup approaches, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announces he will reconsider the ban on beer sales in sports stadiums. [Washington Post]

Kobe Bryant's wife
The basketball star's soon-to-be-ex-wife, Vanessa, 33, will reportedly get a $75 million divorce settlement that includes three of the couple's sprawling California mansions. [Daily Mail]

Being wrong
Scientists discover a large, grey monkey in the jungles of Indonesia that was universally believed to be extinct. [Newser]


Coffee addicts
A new study reveals that the average American worker spends almost as much on coffee annually as he spends commuting to work. [The Consumerist]

Workplace seductions
A New Hampshire politician seeks to ban state employees from wearing perfume at work, saying, "many people have violent reactions to strong scents." [TIME]

Special deliveries
A U.S. Postal Service employee is caught on camera carelessly chucking a parcel over a fence. Its contents: One severely damaged 1938 German Black Forest cuckoo clock. [Huffington Post]

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