Respecting women
Rapper Jay-Z says the birth of his daughter has inspired him to no longer use the word "b*tch" in reference to women. [BuzzFeed]

Cheating death
A world-renowned wingsuit flier says he feels better than ever after surviving a 200-foot freefall during a BASE jump off Cape Town's Table Mountain that went horribly wrong. [The Daily What]

Rediscovering Darwin
Scientists confirm they have found 315 long-lost fossils collected by evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin. The fossils were found in a dusty corner of the British Geological Survey. [Christian Science Monitor]


Maritime responsibility
Audio between the Italian Coast Guard and the captain of the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship surfaces, confirming that the captain refused to go back on board and help passengers still stranded after he abandoned the sinking ship. [NPR]

Podcast-loving pedestrians
A new study finds that the number of headphone-wearing pedestrians injured or killed near roadways and railways has tripled over the last six years. [Gawker]

Southern comfort
A Louisiana official proposes an ordinance that would prohibit local residents from wearing pajama pants in public. [Death and Taxes]

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