It may very well be "one of the most expensive car crashes in history." On Sunday, eight Ferraris and several other luxury vehicles got banged up in a 14-car pileup in the southern prefecture of Yamaguchi in Japan. Foreign car enthusiasts had gathered to drive from Kyushu to Hiroshima when one lost control. Here, a brief guide, by the numbers, to the costly crash:

Number of cars involved in the crash. A police officer responding to the collision deemed it a "gathering of narcissists."

Number of Ferraris involved in the crash. The models appear to be F355s, F430s, an F360, and an F512 of some type.

Number of Mercedes-Benzes

Number of Lamborghinis

Number of Priuses

Number of Nissan Skylines

Number of people treated for minor injuries as a result of the crash. No one suffered serious injury.

$3.85 million
Estimated value of the damaged cars

At least $1 million
Estimated damage caused by the crash

85 to 100
Estimated speed, in mles per hour, that the cars were traveling, according to an eyewitness

More than 6
Hours it took to clear the roadway of the wreckage

Months in prison faced by the 60-year-old man suspected of causing the pileup

Sources: APBBC, Jalopnik