Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

Last week's question: McDonald's is set to roll out its own TV channel for customers waiting in line and munching burgers at tables. Please come up with the title of its first show.


THE WINNER: Curb Your Life Span
Tara Cyr, Owings Mills, MD  

SECOND PLACE: 90210 Calories
Robert Schechter, Dix Hills, NY   

THIRD PLACE: The Biggest Gainer
Jim Topper, Turtle Creek, Pa.


Survivor: McDonald’s Playland
Kathleen Yacio Sargent, Bedford, TX

Are You Fatter than a 5th-Grader?
Jeff Kelle, Signal Mountain, TN

Two and a Half By-passes
David Prybock, Pittsburgh, PA  

Days of our Thighs
Amanda Saxton, Sacramento, CA

The Orifice
James Lister Smith, Mill Valley, CA

Good Morning Cholesterol
Nick Hassler, Richmond VA

Big Mac Theory
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

Extreme Mac-Over
Herman Waltzer, Alabaster, AL

Everybody Loves Ronald
David Tunkel, Reisterstown, MD

SpongeBob Happy Meal
Zelig Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN

Jon and Kate Plus Eight Orders to Go
Larry Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN 

Who Wants to be a Statistic?
Mara Rosenthal, Huntington Woods, MI

How I Met Your Burger
H.B. Stultz, Jr., East Stroudsburg, PA.

My Three Buns (starring Fred “Big Mac” Murray)
Carol Blackburn, Rockville Centre, NY

Adam’s McRib
Kenneth Hasenbank, South Berwick, ME

Argy Koumas, East Northport, NY

Supersizing with the Stars
Mark Carlson, La Conner, WA

On the Record with Mayor McCheese
Kathleen Yacio Sargent, Bedford, TX

America’s Got Fries
Hal Russek, San Anselmo, CA

The Fat and The Furious
Priscilla Kepfield, Decorah, IA

America’s Funniest Home-Cooked Meal
Clayton Schulz, Louisville, KY

I Love Juicy
Tim Simmons, Colorado Springs, CO

Meal or No Meal
Paul Bastia, Warwick, RI

Burp Notice
Nandini Lal, Bethesda, MD

Ronald McDonald 360
John Barczyk, Rochester, MI

Law and May I Take Your Order
Jeffrey Hutchins, Black Mountain, NC

Desperate Arteries
David Donovan, Orleans, MA

Eat, Drink and Be Sedentary
Judith Averill, Amherst, MA  

You Deserve A Commercial Break Today
Earl Weinmann, Northfield, MN

Real Housewives of Burger King
Gary Hennion, New York, NY