Seth MacFarlane thinks Family Guy, the hit animated Fox series he created and on which he voices many of the characters, should have ended already. Discussing the ten-year-old series in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he says that, in his opinion, the show should have taken its final bow after season seven. "There are plenty of people who say the show is kind of over the hill," he says. "But still the vast majority go pale in the face when I mention the possibility" of ending it. He clarifies that he has no immediate plans to curtail the show, as fans still like it and it employs hundreds of people whom he cares about. But critics, predictably, weighed in. Is Family Guy really past its prime?

It should be canceled: Good news "for people who like to quietly nurse their undyingly bitter and cold hatred for Family Guy," says Travis Woods at Screen Crave. The series has always been over-praised, when, really, it's a cartoon that just "ripped off the basic premise of The Simpsons, and then tossed in, like, 25 random pop culture references per episode and then called it a day." Seth MacFarlane is right: After ten years, it's time to get Family Guy off the air.
"Even Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wishes Family Guy was off the air"

Especially if its creator is ready for the end: It's admirable of MacFarlane to want to prevent Family Guy from going the way of The Simpsons, which 23 years later has "just about wiped out even that show's most devoted fans," says Sean Phelan at Gather. Given that he's one of the few Hollywood players who "does not seem to be drying up in a veritable Sahara of un-inspiration," MacFarlane should not only be commended for wanting Family Guy to go out on a high note, but for being ambitious enough to launch other projects.
"Seth MacFarlane tired of Family Guy"

MacFarlane has lost perspective: "It's easy to be blasé about your most famous creation" when you have numerous other money-making projects to focus on, says Sean O'Neal at The A.V. Club. He's announced reboots of the classic cartoons The Flintstones and Cosmos, is working on a new animated series with Family Guy voice actor Alex Borstein, has a big-band music album and the movie Ted coming out, and has American Dad! and The Cleveland Show already airing. It's no wonder he's so cavalier about Family Guy. His perspective is skewed.
"Seth MacFarlane kinda thinks Family Guy should have ended already"

Either way, the show's not going anywhere soon: "Fans of the show shouldn't worry too much" about it possibly ending purely based on MacFarlane's comments, says James Johnson at The Inquisitr. It's not likely that Fox will let the show go any time soon, considering its large, advertiser-friendly teen male and young adult audience. The network earns a reported, $220,000 for each 30-second advertisement that airs during the show — cash it won't easily give up.
"Seth MacFarlane wishes Family Guy would just end"