With the harsh news that Steve Jobs had died at age 56 on Wednesday night, millions of people around the globe flooded the digital world that the revered Apple co-founder helped shape, tweeting in record numbers and spiking the sales of Jobs biographies. Here, a look at the "record-breaking" response, by the numbers:

Tweets per second about Jobs' death Wednesday night, a new record. It's "the biggest online reaction to any event in recent history," says The Economic Times.

Tweets per second during Beyonce's 2011 MTV Video Music Awards performance, during which she revealed she was pregnant — the previous record

Tweets per second following the death of Osama bin Laden

Tweets per second following the death of Michael Jackson

2.8 million
Tweets about Steve Jobs from the announcement of his death Wednesday until 9:30 am ET Thursday, according to social search engine Topsy

Number of trending Twitter searches related to Jobs' death Thursday morning, including #iSad and #ThankYouSteve, says CBC News

Number of Google's Top 10 trending search terms Thursday morning that were related to Steve Jobs

Rank overnight on Google of the trending search term "pancreatic cancer," making it "clear that Jobs' legacy is increasing awareness," says Brafton News

Percentage increase in advance sales of Walter Isaacson's biography, Steve Jobs, following the visionary's death Wednesday, according to Tech Flash

Sales rank of the book on Amazon.com before skyrocketing to number one overnight

Number of days the release of the biography has been pushed up by publisher Simon & Schuster due to increased demand following Jobs' death

Percentage increase in advance sales of George Beahm's book, I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words, a collection of quotes that will be released Nov. 8

Peak ranking of Beahm's book on Amazon.com Thursday afternoon

Previous ranking of Beahm's book before Jobs' death, according to The Next Web

Percentage increase in Apple's share price early Thursday morning, to $384, says Don Reisinger at CNET. But, notes The Wall Street Journal, the price was down 0.3 percent by 1 p.m.

Sources: Brafton, CBC News, CNET, Economic Times, Next Web, Tech Flash, Wall Street Journal

Editor's Note: This article originally inaccurately described the book I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words as a biography. It has since been revised. We regret the error.