The video: The band OK Go has earned more kudos for its innovative music videos than for the music itself. So it's perhaps predictable that the band has produced something of a greatest highlights reel for its new collaboration with the Muppets — a video cover of the Muppet Show theme song that quotes the treadmill choreography from "Here It Goes Again" and the dog tricks from "White Knuckle" along with bits of Muppet lore. (Watch the video below.) The song comes from the just-released Green Album, an indie-rock homage to Muppet songs that's part of the build-up to November's Muppet Movie.

The reaction: How could you lose with this combination of "OK Go's visual masterpieces and a ton of Muppet humor"? asks Casey Chan at Gizmodo. I've watched it six times already, and I'm going to "keep this video on repeat" until The Muppet Movie comes out. Meh, I expected more "viral genius," says Margaret Lyons at New York. The video's "cute — maybe even very cute" — but its clever and "charming reality-bending" parts never quite meld into a satisfying whole. Judge for yourself: