Throughout the Women's World Cup, soccer fans got to see the U.S. team's uber tough goalie, Hope Solo, in action. Now, they might get to see a lot more of the comely keeper. According to Solo's tweets last week, it appears she recently posed nude for ESPN the Magazine's annual "Body Issue." Is Solo doing right by her fans by baring all, or doing a disservice to herself, to women, and to her sport?

What a terrible move: Whenever a female athlete strips for a magazine, says Ryan Rudnansky in the Los Angeles Times, she takes away from her accomplishments on the playing field." Now casual fans will think of Solo more as a sexy model than an accomplished athlete. She should keep her clothes on.
"Hope Solo to pose nude: Soccer star shows off her hippie side"

This is good for Solo, and her sport: This is a wonderful way for Solo to thank her fans and raise awareness for soccer in general, says Cindy Boren in The Washington Post. The "body issue" celebrates the nude athletic physique and has featured both male and female athletes in the past, including Dwight Howard, Adrian Peterson, and Serena Williams. It's great that Solo is joining them.
"Hope Solo, a naked netminder? Goalie tweets that she’ll appear in ESPN’s body issue"

And it could be good for young girls: I didn't like the idea at first, says Jeanne Sager at The Stir, but the "Body Issue" is no Hustler or Penthouse. And Hope Solo is no "skinny mini" — she has the curves and muscles that come from eating healthy, not starving yourself. She's a spectacular athlete with the type of "glowing, fit," athletic body that "I wouldn't mind my daughter emulating."
"Hope Solo posing nude would be good for little girls"