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Results: After a scientific study found that certain pop songs become big hits even if they’re annoying, repetitive, and trite—because they tap into inherent preferences in our brains — we asked you to come up with the title of a song guaranteed to become a monster hit.

THE WINNER: WannaWannaWannaWanna MineMineMine
Rob James, San Francisco, CA
SECOND PLACE: I Want it, I Deserve it, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Dorothy Garrett, Monmouth, OR
THIRD PLACE: Sugar Momma, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Sugar
Tom Sheppard, Flat Rock, NC


You're My Ishy-Squishy Ookie-Pookie Love Thing
Gary Hennion, New York, NY

C. Prentiss Orr, Pittsburgh, PA

Ain't Yo' Ho' No Mo'
Judith Cottrill, Bronx, NY

It's the Plump Rump Bump
Bill Harriot, Fort Washington, MD
My Itchy Itchy Needs Your Scratchy Scratchy Love
Hugh Conroy, Bellingham, WA
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby
Mary Ellen Helms, Santa Clara, CA

Yo,Yo, Yo! We Gotta Go!
Carey Lane, Olney, MD
All My Shawtyz Work Da Pole
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
Ice cream and Sex, Sex and Ice cream
H.B.Stultz, Jr., East Stroudsburg, PA
Ain't as Bad as It Seems
Roxanne Fox, Kapolei, HI
Mmm, Like Kissing Bacon
Ruby Bennett, Raleigh, NC

Legs, Breasts, and All the Rest
Derek Bonnett, Waterbury, CT

No Way, No How, Un-uh, I Didn't Do It
Lucy Cole, Alamo, CA

Angry, Angry, Angry Birdz
Jessica B. Turnof, Piermont, NY

Love, Money, and a Fancy Car
Laura Birdwhistell, Cary, NC

You're a Lousy Driver
Douglas Adashefski, Downey, CA
Kardashian Rhapsody
Todd Berenz, Fond du Lac, WI