The video: The airlines losing your luggage — it's every traveler's nightmare. Unfortunately for Sy Haze of Britain, a missing bag was just the beginning of his particular travel hell. While Haze settled into a Delta flight on Father's Day, his bag — packed for his week-long trip to Minneapolis — was inexplicably on its way to Boston. By the time Haze arrived in the U.S. and inquired about the missing luggage, his bag had already been head-scratchingly sent back to London. The bag then came back to America, and, after "dancing its way around the U.S." for four days, was finally delivered to his hotel room. But there was another big problem: The "overwhelming stench of urine." In a video posted on YouTube, Haze pans a camera over the contents of his suitcase, zeroing in on the more saturated items. (Watch the video below.) "It's absolutely disgusting," says an outraged Haze, who blasted Delta's complete "lack of interest." Since the video was posted, Haze says Delta has been "bending over backwards" to rectify the situation, and gave him a first-class ticket back to London. Considering his vow to "never, ever fly Delta Airlines ever again," Haze can, at least, go out in style. 

The reaction: Oh my, says Frances Romero at TIME. This is "despicable." And Delta had better make sure it never happens again. Though at least Haze got some internet-enabled retribution, says Nicole Fabian-Weber at The Stir. His viral video is "horrible press for Delta," and the "pee-pee head" at the heart of this scandal will likely be found and fired. In the meantime, says Matt Cherette at Gawker, Delta may want to change its longtime slogan "You'll love the way we fly." Because there's nothing to love about urine-soaked luggage. See for yourself: