Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Results: After a North Carolina teen won a legal battle to wear a nose stud to school by arguing she was a member of the "Church of Body Modification," we asked you to name another new religion that teens might use to excuse their behavior.

THE WINNER: The Church of Sullentology
Corey Kosak, Hoboken, NJ
SECOND PLACE: The Church of Later Today Saints
George Lloyd, Shrewsbury, MA

THIRD PLACE: Confusionism
Angela James, Westminster, MD

The Gospel According to Me
Susan S. Shimokawa, Honolulu

Snooki's Witnesses
Brian Cumings, Austin, TX

The Holy Eye-Rollers
Renay Daigle, St. Johns, FL

The Church of WWHD (What would Heather Do?)
Edmund Conti, Raleigh NC

Church of Like, You Know, Whatever
Paul Binder, Bellevue, WA

Seventh Day Hedonist
Ken Burton, New Tripoli, PA

Parker Wise, Branford, CT

Sacred Order of the Saggy Jeans
Stuart Nachtsheim, San Francisco

Betsy Bermant, Madison, WI

The High Priesthood of Low Pants
Dave Clark, West Richland, WA

First Assembly of Know-it-all
Karen Arestides, East Troy, WI

The Church of Perpetual Drama
Mike Winning, San Ramon, CA

Christian Scientext
Mike Boettcher, Scotsdale, AZ

Our Lady of The Righteous Download
Carey Eidel, Skaneateles, NY

Seventh Day Procrastinators
Alex Furches, Nashville, TN, 37211

Facebook Witnesses
Mark McAdon, Midland  MI

The Geek Orthodox Church
Alex Tripp, San Francisco, CA