The story: An Ohio shelter with a fat cat problem is hoping a special sale will help the felines find new homes. The Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, Ohio, is offering a "summer special," reducing the adoption fee for "fat cats" from $70 to $15 — or two for $20. The shelter says it has "a higher than usual number of kitties who need larger living space to encourage them to exercise," and it hopes the discounts will attract owners willing to help the cats "go from fat to fit." While typical adult cats weigh eight to 10 pounds, nine of the 55 cats at the Humane Society in Hilliard weigh a good bit more. The largest, a black and brown shorthair named Zebe, weighs 23 pounds.

The reaction: "Pound for pound," this is a good way for cat lovers to "get more for their money," says Kathy Lynn Gray in The Columbus Dispatch. Actually, a "porky pet" may not be such a bargain, says Katie Milani at Death + Taxes. "Don't forget about the food, the shots, and the extra worry about your animal’s health that comes along with the pounds." Though on the bright side, says Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel, a cat that "isn't in the very best of shape would be less likely to successfully murder you than an athletic kitten-y type."