Retired prison guard Don Gorske dedicated his professional life to the penal system, but his (shockingly) still beating heart belongs to the McDonald's Big Mac. The 57-year-old Wisconsin native broke his own Guinness World Record Tuesday when he consumed his 25,000th Big Mac. Gorske, who was featured in the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, says he likes counting things, and is "probably obsessive compulsive." And the burger fanatic has no intention of stopping: "I plan on eating Big Macs until I die." Here, a look at Gorske's dietary milestone, by the numbers:

The record number of Big Macs Gorske has consumed

39 years
Time that has elapsed since his first McDonald's patty

Number of Big Macs he ate on his first day: May 17, 1972

The previous Guinness World Record for number of Big Macs consumed, set in 2008 by Gorske himself

Longest stretch of days Gorske has gone without a Big Mac

Average number of Big Macs Gorske consumes per day

Number of bites he takes to finish one burger

90 percent
Estimated share of Gorske's diet reserved for Big Macs

Number of calories in one Big Mac

13.5 million
Number of Big Mac calories Gorske has ingested over the last 39 years

Grams of Big Mac fat Gorske has eaten over the last 39 years

More than 630,000
Number of Americans per year who die from cardiovascular disease

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