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Results: After scientists discovered that humpback whales’ songs become undersea "hits," copied by other humpbacks, we asked you to name the #1 tune on the cetacean top 20.

THE WINNER: Papa Don't Breach
Mike Zeaman, Reno, NV
SECOND PLACE: I Heard it Through the Food Chain
Paul Kroner, Palo Alto, CA
THIRD PLACE: He Ain’t Heavy, He's My Blubber
Philip White, Fresh Meadows, NY

Born This Weight
Angela James, Westminster, MD
I'm Dreaming of a Wide Isthmus
Janine Witte, New Hope, PA

Dave Rapp, New York City

Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD

Moby I'm Amazed
Doug Molitor, South Pasadena, CA

A Whiter Shade of Whale
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

Humpin' Jack Splash
Harry Whiteside, Knoxville, TN

Born in the S.E.A.
Thomas Wilsey, Urbana, IL

I Kissed a Krill And I Liked It
Judith Cottrill, Bronx, NY

I've Got You Under My Fin
Rohn K. Robbins, Vail, CO

I'm Feeding Japanese
Bill Gripman, Plymouth, MI

Where Have All The Icebergs Gone?
Cindy Kalinoski, York, PA

A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
Anthony Vinson, Williamson, GA

You'll Never Swim Alone
Heath Foxlee, Sequim, WA

Nobody Knows the Bubbles I've Seen
Jack Mendelsohn, Palm Springs, CA

Begin the Baleen
Jeffrey Chamberlain, Nassau, NY

Beyond the Land (by Bobby Darin)
Mike Boettcher, Scottsdale, AZ

On the Reef Where You Live
Laura Kudron, Hernando, FL

The Tides They Are A-Changin'
Robert Cooper, Barrington, RI

Don’t it Make My Blow Hole Blue
Mark Gibson, San Antonio, TX

The First Time Ever I Scrimshawed Your Face
Bob Eldridge, Old Tappan, NJ

Please (Catch and) Release Me
Kathleen Turbenson, Dallas

Whale Meat Again
David Messenger, Normal, IL

Twist and Spout
Amy Torchinsky, Greensboro, NC

We All Live Near a Yellow Submarine
Helen Cohen, Baltimore

I Wanna Hold Your Fin
Rick Kramer, Annandale, VA

Daydream Beluga
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

You Ain’t Nothin' But a Humpback!
Charles A. Frean, Bedford, MA

Oh, My Baleen: Why Can’t You Be True?
Christina Heinsman, Whitestone, NY

What a Blubber-ful World
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC