We Americans sure love our cars — and the convenience of going about our business without ever having to leave the driver's seat. Here, five unusual drive-thru options from around the country:

1. Funerals
The Robert L. Adams Mortuary in Compton, Calif., is one of a handful of funeral parlors in the U.S. to offer drive-thru viewings of the dead. "You can come by after work, you don't need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside, and the family knows that you paid your respects," says owner Peggy Scott Adams, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times. "It's a convenience thing."

2. Strip clubs
The claim to fame of the Climax Gentlemen's Club in Delmont, Pa., was its diamond-shaped drive-thru window. The club, apparently closed since 2009, allowed motorists to pay $10 to view strippers through a small window, without having to leave their cars. "Proponents tout the safety and convenience of the drive-thru window," said Gamaliel in a 2000 post at everything2.com. "But what about the loss of that lovely strip club ambiance?"   

3. Prayers
The Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ in Mount Morris Township, Mich., has held drive-thru prayer services, according to USA Today. Those who heeded signs that read "Pull over for Prayer!" could fill out a form describing what they wanted to pray about, and then steer over to a minister who would pray with them while their cars idled. "Taking the church to the people, to the streets, is what this is all about," says the Rev. Chris Martin.

4. Daiquiris
Despite the nationwide crackdown on drunk driving, motorists in states like Louisiana and Texas can still find drive-thru frozen daiquiri chains. And the boozy pit stops are perfectly legal as long as the servers put tape across the straw hole on the lid, and hand you a straw separately. Gallon-sized drinks are available in some locations. For anyone mildly interested in breaking the law, "they certainly make things easy," says Tim Murphy at Mother Jones.

5. Liquor... and guns
Why stop just for liquor when you can get a gun, too? The Double Shot liquor and gun store in Schulenburg, Texas, has "every liquor brand and firearm brand," according to its Yahoo! directory listing. "Only in Texas can you buy a bottle of whisky and a gun at the same time," says Rastyrori at the Los Angeles Times — and do it from your car. The store has the "convenience of drive-thru so you don't have to get out from behind the wheel while you drink and shoot."