A Texas nonprofit group called the Former Majority Association for Equality is offering four $500 scholarships available only to white men. "If everyone else can find scholarships, why are we left out?" asks Colby Bohannan, a Texas State University student who helped form the organization. Hispanics now account for two-thirds of the population growth in Texas, and only about 45 percent of the state's residents are non-Hispanic whites. Does that make it reasonable to create special programs to help white males? (Watch a CNN report about the scholarships)

What racist nonsense: Despite its "Orwellian name," this group claims to be harmless, says E.D. Kain at Forbes, but don't let that fool you. "Giving scholarships to the dominant economic and political group to the exclusion of all others is racist no matter how you make it spin." Offering a "leg up" to "poor disadvantaged white males" isn't progress. It's an attempt to "restore our former state of racial inequality."
"Texas non-profit offers scholarship for white males only"

Actually, it makes sense. Sort of: The idea "may set your teeth on edge, but hold on," says Rodger Jones in The Dallas Morning News. The white population is declining on Texas university campuses, and even the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is exploring ways to reverse the trend. When it's official state policy that we "need more white guys on campus," it isn't so far-fetched to suggest some financial help might be in order.
"How about a white-guys-only scholarship program?"

Whatever the motives, this is a very minor initiative: Give the Former Majority Association for Equality credit, says Jenna Johnson in The Washington Post, for vowing to reject donations from white supremacy groups, and still raising $2,500. But look, despite casting a fairly wide net — to be eligible one must have a 3.0 GPA and be at least a quarter Caucasian — the group has yet to receive any applications.
"Texas group launches scholarship exclusively for white males"