1. Egypt in crisis
The uprising against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has dominated headlines and Americans' attention this week, with no immediate signs of resolution and Mubarak's insisting that "chaos" will erupt if he cedes his power. The Week listed five dictators besides Mubarak that the U.S. continues to support, examined the debate over whether democracy is even feasible in the country, and considered which government might be the next "domino" to fall. See our full coverage of the Egyptian revolts.

2. Super Bowl hoopla
As the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the NFL championship game, we brought together this year's biggest Super Bowl controversies, looked at numbers surrounding the big game, and displayed the Super Bowl ads already making waves. Here's all of our Super Bowl XLV coverage.

3. Health care fight continues
A federal judge this week declared that President Obama's health care plan is "unconstitutional," but some believed that the judge was biased. Our Bullpen columnist Edward Morrissey noted that the Supreme Court will likely make the ultimate decision on the bill. Also this week, some South Dakota politicians protested the president's health care reform by ostensibly trying to make guns mandatory in their state. Click for more on the health care battle.

4. Economy rising?
The government announced its Startup America initiative, the latest effort to jumpstart the economy. But there were also economic setbacks this week thanks to... the snowstorm. Our Bullpen writer Francis Wilkinson wondered how the current economic worries compare to other tough times he remembers. See more on the economy.

5. The Oscar race is heating up
With its raft of recent awards, The King's Speech is being touted by some as a lock to win Best Picture. But with weeks to go until the awards get handed out, the backlash against the movie has begun. While the debate about the contenders goes on, don't miss this video showcasing some of the "impressive" visual effects — ignored by the Academy — that went into making Black Swan. Our Oscar coverage is in full swing.