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Results: We asked you to predict the first Tweet or text from Mt. Everest, which now has wireless service all the way to the summit. These were the top of the heap:

THE WINNER: Veni. Vidi. Tweeti.
Shelley Carda, Tucson
SECOND PLACE: Your ad says my pizza is free if it’s not here in 30 minutes or less.
Keith England, Pasadena
THIRD PLACE: The view is incredible from h
Xum Yukinori, Coppell, TX
That is the LAST TIME I trust Google Maps.
Bob Setterberg, Portland, OR
OMG! You should see what this Sherpa is wearing!
Bethard Smith, Dallas
I was sure you said you'd meet me at 9:00 on Everest.
Iris Miller, Wenham, MA
Do these count as peak minutes?
Kenja Seuberling, Lebanon, OH
Foursquare says I'm the Mayor!
Bryan Smith, Austin
Help, I've fallen and I can't get down!
Sam Sheagren, Carlsbad, CA
Just had the best granola bar EVER.
Frank Bruno, Columbia, MD
FMAO (Freezing My A** Off!)
Liz Ferguson, Mohegan Lake, NY
ROSL (Rolling Off the Summit, Laughing)
John Walsh, Conifer, CO
I am so high right now!
Andrew Gillette, Austin
My battery is
Phil Litts, Elk Grove, CA
I m fregn kohd!
Milt Dentsch, Shrewsbury, MA
I su7mmi9tted $Ev ere3st@! (ha5rrd 2 te#tx with thejeese glov9ves 0on/.]
Bill Dorner, Indianapolis, IN
Wish I'd packed a toboggan.
Matt Gerker, Memphis
Did someone TiVO Jersey Shore?
Judith Cottrill, Bronx, NY
Starbucks here totally out of Gingerbread Lattes!
Beth Faris, San Francisco
One small step for humans. One giant leap for my wireless provider.
Arturo Ramos, Milwaukee
I can see Wasilla from here!
Jim Reichart, Bellingham, WA
Bcz its thr
Scott Allen, New Ipswich, NH