So it's come to this. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the quasi-celebrity couple who achieved notoriety in the tabloid world for their appearances on MTV's "The Hills," have declared bankruptcy. The much-despised couple have burned through their considerable fortune in just a couple of years — but given their expensive tastes, it's not hard to see how they did it. Here's a numerical look at Heidi and Spencer's descent into financial ruin:

$10 million
Amount of money Heidi and Spencer estimate they "squandered" during their brief moment in the limelight

Amount the duo was paid for each episode of "The Hills"

10 years
How much longer Spencer expected "The Hills" to run (it ended in 2009)

10 hours
Duration of Heidi's "marathon" plastic surgery session in 2007

Number of procedures she underwent, including breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and chin reduction

Combined cost of those surgeries and aftercare

$3 million
Total investment in Heidi's music career

Approximate number of copies Heidi's first album "Superficial" sold in the week after its release

Cost of hiring ex-marines as personal bodyguards

Monthly cost of the couple's "posh Malibu pad"

Amount Spencer spent on gems, to which he once claimed he was "so addicted"

$2 million
Back taxes currently owed by the couple

How old Spencer says he feels, now that he and Heidi are stuck living at home with his parents

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