The video: Antoine Dodson has inspired everything from a hit song to a political ad after he famously chased an intruder and would-be rapist from his sister's bedroom, then gave an impassioned interview to a local Huntsville, Ala., reporter. Now, the internet celebrity is pitching his idea for the perfect Halloween costume: Himself. Naturally, the get-up, which he calls the "most wanted costume of 2010," can be purchased from his website for just $24.99.
The reaction: "This is what capitalism is all about," says The Post Chronicle staff. "The man is marketing himself and starting a business." (Note that earlier this fall, Dodson decried unauthorized versions of the costume, saying that their makers are "raping me and my family for real!") Yes, he's just cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame and he's "not the most polished pitchman," says Gustavo Turner in the LA Weekly, but "the guy's sass is impossibly endearing." Watch the video below: