The video: The Old Spice Guy — a monster viral-video phenomenon this year — has inspired a similarly monstrous "Sesame Street" spoof starring Grover, one of its less dapper Muppets. Like the original, the "Sesame Street" version, which has already garnered 1.4 million YouTube views and been wildly praised as "the pinnacle of human creation," begins in the shower: "Look at yourself, now back to me, now back at yourself," says Grover, clad in a towel and mimicking the cocky delivery of Old Spice's hunky Isaiah Mustafa. The cuddly blue monster goes on to teach kids about the use of the word "on" as he find himself "on" a boat and "on" a cow. "Anything is possible when you smell like a  monster and know the word 'on,'" he says.
The reaction:
"The spoof is spot on," says Jay Hathaway at Urlesque. "Sesame Street" has garnered plenty of attention lately with its "True Blood" parody and risque Katy Petty clip, but "Old Spice Grover's humor and cuteness" take the cake. Yes, and "we're glad that 'Sesame Street' is educating kids not just on subjects like reading and writing, but 'Internet Memes 101' as well," says The Huffington Post. It just shows that "after all these years, the popular children's TV show remains fresh — and spicy," says Amy Graff in the San Francisco Chronicle. Watch for yourself: