Hollywood's biggest names should watch out, says Josef Adalian in New York. They are "probably about to get Bieber'ed!" Justin Bieber — the permanently windswept singing sensation known for treacly tunes like "Baby, Baby" — has reportedly been tapped to host a revival of Ashton Kutcher's MTV prank show, "Punk'd." Is the cuddly, diminutive tween idol really capable of filling Kutcher's frat-boy shoes? (Watch a report about the rumors)

Bieber is the wrong choice: Justin Bieber exists to melt the hearts of young girls, says Adam Markowitz in Entertainment Weekly. Do his fans really want to see his "darker side"? Remember, the original "Punk'd" made Justin Timberlake cry and nearly gave Zac Efron a heart attack. Bieber won't be able to pull the harsh pranks the show needs to succeed — unless he has a "mischievous" streak he has been hiding all along.
"Justin Bieber might host 'Punk'd': Would you watch?"

Justin Bieber is the perfect pick: Don't be fooled by his "doe eyes," says Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon. The "cherubic" singer indeed has a naughty side, and he has demonstrated it on multiple occasions, from pelting State Troopers with water balloons to talking about how much he likes boobs. "Justin Bieber is not a young man to be underestimated... the rest of us had better start sleeping with one eye open."
"Justin Bieber's next step in world domination"

He's too young and too nice to pull it off: "I am concerned," says Kate Torgovnick at The Frisky. Kutcher was 23 when he started on the show, and he was "known for saying and doing outrageous things." By comparison, Bieber is just 16, "shockingly earnest," and quiet. "I’m guessing his idea of a good prank is telling his dad that pink sneakers are cool."
"Justin Bieber to host reboot of 'Punk'd'"

Bieber is more than just a tween idol: I know I'm supposed to say otherwise, but this just might work, says Ben Watson at Buddy TV. "Between his hot for teacher SNL sketch with Tina Fey, his tongue-in-cheek videos on Funny or Die, and his genuinely charming talk show appearances, the guy has the chops — to pull pranks on Demi Lovato or whoever." Besides, "I kind of like" Justin Bieber, and "I could care less about his haircut."
"Justin Bieber to get his 'Punk'd' on for MTV"