Sources connected to "American Idol" have confirmed that Jennifer Lopez will joining the long-in-the-tooth singing competition as a judge, reports TMZ. The singer-actress-diva (who earned good buzz as a guest mentor in previous seasons) would replace Kara DioGuardi on the judge's panel, which has also lost both the iconically acerbic Simon Cowell and the underwhelming Ellen DeGeneres. Lopez is reportedly signing on for just one year in a deal worth "a little more than $12 million," TMZ says. Is J-Lo worth that much? (Watch a local report about the J-Lo rumor)

Yes, "Idol" needs Lopez's star power: "American Idol" is on the skids, says Gerrick D. Kennedy at the Los Angeles Times, and Jennifer Lopez has what it takes to "breathe life into the show" as it enters its 10th season. Lopez is a "bit more eloquent" than Paula Abdul, but like the longtime former "Idol" judge she's a singer with the "total package" — catchy hooks, edgy looks, and awesome videos. Plus, even if her own vocal talents are far from extraordinary, she is, "after all, a pop idol, the very thing the show is searching for."
"Why Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol' could be a good thing"

Hiring a diva like J-Lo could undermine the show: The "superstar money" "Idol" is throwing at Jennifer Lopez is bound to create problems with the other judges, says April Peveteaux at Cafe Mom. If these reports are true, she'll make 50 percent more than Randy Jackson, the only remaining member of the original panel. But beyond potential salary tensions, Lopez is notorious for her "diva-licious ways," and her relentless demands are bound to disrupt the show.
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What? A diva is essential to "Idol"'s DNA: Without the acid touch of former judge Simon Cowell, "Idol" has gone dangerously soft, says Mof Gimmers at Hecklerspray. The affable DeGeneres couldn't bring herself to say anything mean about even the most execrable contestants. Lopez will be worth every penny if she can "find it within herself to be a real bitch when needed because that’s the whole point of the show — watching people's dreams cruelly crushed on our television sets."
"Jennifer Lopez is definitely earning $12 million to definitely be a judge on 'American Idol.' Definitely. Possibly"