With the midterm elections nearing and unemployment hovering just under 10 percent, President Obama has proposed a one-year $50 billion investment in America's transportation infrastructure to spur the economy and create jobs. The focus of the would be on building and repairing roads, train tracks, and air-traffic control systems, with at least some of the money doled out by a government-run "infrastructure bank." Here's a numerical look at the proposal:

Miles of roadway to be built or refurbished under the plan

Airport runways to be upgraded

Miles of railway to be built or repaired

Weeks until midterm elections

17 percent
Unemployment rate among construction workers

Jobs created by $1 billion in infrastucture spending, according to
transportation experts

1.75 million
Total jobs that a $50 billion infrastructure investment could, in theory, create

3 million
Number of jobs created by the original stimulus (total cost: $814 billion), according to two prominent economists

$36.5 billion
Amount that Obama hopes to redirect for infrastructure spending by eliminating oil and gas company tax loopholes

$27 billion
Total transportation spending in 2009's stimulus package

$2.2 trillion
Investment needed to restore America's infrastructure to good condition, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers

Sources: Reuters, New York Times, Washington Post, MarketWatch, Brookings Institution, ASCE, USA Today