Paul Lieberstein, an executive producer of NBC sitcom "The Office," recently disclosed that Harvey Keitel is his first choice to take over the show's lead when Steve Carell, who plays bungling boss Michael Scott, who departs after next season. "[Keitel]'s probably the only guy who can do it, and he's doing TV now," Lieberstein told E! Online. Though the star of Mean Streets and The Piano has not yet been approached by producers, speculation has begun in earnest. Is he the right choice to fill Carell's shoes?

The Office needs to go leftfield: Casting an actor like Keitel "makes perfect sense," says Katey Rich at Cinema Blend. The only option for "The Office" now is to go a completely new direction. "Bringing in a pale imitation of Michael Scott would only seem pitiful and desperate."
"'The Office' staff wants Harvey Keitel to replace Steve Carell"

Don't bother with a replacement: Hiring Keitel would be a "ballsy" move, says Adam Quigley at Slash Film, but not even that would make the show a "worthwhile endeavor" post-Carell. Given how important Michael Scott is to "The Office," it would be "completely nonsensical" to go on without him. "The best move would really be to just end it."
"TV News: Harvey Keitel wanted to replace Steve Carell on 'The Office'"

A crazy move, but not impossible: There are plenty of unexpected moves "The Office" could make, but "the Keitel choice ups the ante for its sheer craziness," says Edmund Mullins at BlackBook. Besides, he can be funny. The ABC drama "Life On Mars," on which Keitel appeared before its cancellation, brought out a "humorous side not seen since the vastly underrated [Adam Sandler comedy] Little Nicky."
"'Office' Rules: Keitel to get promotion?"