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Results: After a study found that shellfish are consuming Prozac and other prescription drugs, thanks to human waste in the waterways, we asked you to predict a new dish made from seafood raised on anti-depressants. You hooked us with:

FIRST PRIZE: No-Longer Bluefish
Holly Hanoyan, Falmouth, MA
SECOND PLACE: Calm Chowder
Bryan McGrath, Wakefield, MA
THIRD PLACE: Filet of Sole-oft
Connie Heider, Maumee, OH
Bristol-Myers Squid
Sharon Hatalla, Pennsville, NJ
Chillin’ Sea Bass
Tom Sheppard, Flat Rock, NC
Oysters on the Half-Full Shell
Jason Norton, Corydon, IN
Relaxed Mussels
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
Aheehee Tuna
Pat Kohnen, Lake Oswego, OR
Stoked Salmon
Eugenia A. Parrish, Massillon, OH
Slackened Shrimp
Bill Smith, Austin, TX
Deeply Fried Scallops
Bill Euliano, Feeding Hills, MA
Grouper Therapy
Joe Licursi, Mayfield Hts., OH
Fish & Scrips
Brian Amkraut, Beachwood, OH
Shrimp on the ‘Barbital
Anthony Vinson, Williamson, GA
Blackened Halibutrin
Karen Landucci, Greenbrae, CA
Lobster Inhibitor
Patrick Collins, Sunnyvale, CA
Angie McCartney, Playa del Rey, CA
Baked Shrimp
Tim Copeland, Saratoga Springs, NY
Not-So-Crabby Cakes
Thom Thacker, Irvington, NY
Oyster Out-of-Its-Shell
Claudia Landolfi, Highland Park, IL
Clayton Schulz, Louisville, KY
Grilled Hunky Dory
Ranald [cq] Totten, Wilmington, NC
Loony Tuna
Jane Hirsch, Pacific Palisades, CA
Pharmaceutical Shrimp Cocktail
Kirstin Johnson, Barrington, NJ
Crab Sushi Roll…ing on the Floor, Laughing Out Loud
Craig VanMetre, Bartlett, IL
Catch of the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Allen Little, Portland, ME